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Situated in Ikumba Village, about 20km from Kabale Town along Kabale-Kisoro road, it was started in 2000 headed by Mr. Christopher Buhazi.

Its objectives are:

1. To protect land using contour plowing.
2. To protect the environment through planting fruits and trees.
3. To increase income through the fruits and trees planted.
4. To teach people better methods of farming.
5. To help AIDS patients through receiving a balanced diet.
6. To educate orphans and the needy children (paying school fees and other necessities)
7. To create employment opportunities within the community.
8. To provide training in craft making and income through selling them.

his is a rural organization that is dealing with improving agricultural and the overall standard for people in the community. This is achieved by utilizing better methods of farming, rearing better breeds of domestic animals, planting fruit, making of crafts, educating orphans, and providing skills for the disabled.

Engagi Safaris and Amazing Craft Shop (at Amazing Pub) is dedicated to the support this project in many ways including selling the project’s crafts free of charge and helping to find markets for the project’s produce.

In addition, we intend to help more the project in the following ways as we grow higher our business.

i. To educate the orphans and needy children.
ii. To buy and supply high breed seeds and domestic animals.
iii. To transport members to different demonstration farms for more skills.
iv. To help them acquire more land for extension of this project.

Engagi Safaris supports this project at Ikumba Village both through a portion of our profits as well as well as by providing our times and services. You can help support this project by touring with us and buying crafts from our shop.


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